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WARNING ! When I write on this site, I try (as much as it is possible) to remain factual and to avoid expressing my own opinion, particuliarly if I have a strong one about something. When this gets too frustrating, I write a short column, sometimes to tease my American friends. Below is the list of these columns. Some are deliberately provocative : please forgive me and consider it an example of French humor.



France and the French

The quintessential Frenchman  
The Gauls  Socialized medicine? Give me a break!         
On French anti-semitism : reinforcing stereotypes   Rankings....
About the well-known "anti-Semitism" of the French          History : leave it to historians     
About Algeria             About Islam        
About the 35-hour week Being Sick in France : a chauvinistic anecdote ...                

The Franco-American relation

About French bashing                    American expats : remember it's another country !               
Moral (for others) and business (for me) : a typical American mix?    About the war in Iraq
Throwing in the towel...                              Which US President would the French like the best ?          

Current events in France

About the "Islamic veil" and, now, the "burkini".    
Chief of IMF in jail : what the French do not understand ...          "L'Affaire Bettencourt" : a (typically) French story                 
About Executive Life    The French football team : a good image of today's France 

The USA and Americans

No more prayers : legislation, please ! You guys are really funny ! 
American expats : remember it's another country !                  The ugly American eater.... 
About insular America                  About secularism and political correctness              
About the American press                       American children are too strict with their parents!                
Credit ? No thank you....                      No more lectures, please!            
Racist America ?                                            Sub-prime : stupidity and selfishness!                  
Another lecture by the New York Times or Where are the real Talibans ?  What a weird people (taxwise) ...!                    
The parliament of a Democratic country must not host a TV show..  

Europe and the rest of the world

The British are tactful : they want to prevent Europeans from being sad after they leave! Brexit : the genius of British diplomacy
Good news for Europe : UK steps out!                          About the so-called Islamic State ...                    
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