Trips to Paris for Everyone...

Each trip is different and sometimes our friends ask us very specific questions. In this page, we'll try to answer some of them.

  • Sending your kids to Paris
  • Watching the SuperBowl : (American - oriented) sports-cafés
  • Taking your dog to Paris
  • Playing golf in Paris
  • Paris for the disabled
  • Paris for non-Americans
  • Links to sites for "upscale visitors", "bike visitors", "Japanese visitors", etc...
 If you are NOT American....    Paris for everyone

 Each nationality in Paris has places where people like to be and to meet. For Americans, it may be the American Church or one of the places listed in our page " Paris-for-Americans ". For other countries :

  • Chinese shop at " chez Tang " in Chinatown (168 Avenue de Choisy 75013), the most authentically Chinese shopping center in Paris ; see our page for Chinese visitors

  • Croatians go to Saint-Cyrile & Saint Methode Church on 125 Rue de Bagnolet 75020

  • Indians and Sri-Lankans meet around the Gare du Nord and the Passage Brady in the 10th Arrt.

  • Japanese : around the (old) Opera where many shops have Japanese employees (Rue Sainte Anne) or at the Japanese Cultural Center 101bis Quai Branly 75015, unless they want to be in a real Japanese garden (read Paris Nippon, le Japon à Paris, Guide Petit Fûté, 2000 and read a letter from Japan) ; see our page for Japanese visitors

  • Iranians and Lebanese like the quartier around Beaugrenelle (in the 15th Ardt)

  • Poles meet at the Polish Church, 21 Rue Cambon, 75001

  • Romanians : Orthodox Church, 9bis Rue Jean-de-Beauvais, 75005

  • Russians : around the cathedral Saint Alexandre Nevski, 12 rue Daru 75008

  • Scots love the Auld Alliance, 80 rue François Miron 75004 ; see also the Scots Kirk, 17 rue Bayard 75008

  • Spaniards love neighborhoods with many bars such as Rue Oberkampf (Café Charbon, etc...), Le Marais (Café Saint Gilles), Bastille (Barrio Latino, etc...), etc

  • Swedes meet at the Swedish Church 9 rue Médéric 75017

  • Ukrainian : Saint Vladimir Catholic Church, 186 Bld Saint-Germain, 75006

  • More in the section : specific neighborhoods. and see the figures for foreign visitors to France

 Paris for children

  • See some exchange programs in American Community in Paris

  • Parc de la Villette : 55 hectares, playgrounds, restaurants, entertainment centers, hightech interactive museum (Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie) ; ideal for children (and grown-ups too...)

  • For young kids : Jardin d'Acclimatation in the Bois de Boulogne, nothing spectacular but a muppet show, with Guignol ; Guignol is a traditional character from Lyon, very popular, who beats the "gendarme" (policeman) with a big stick ; it is a show in itself to watch the children watching the show and screaming "Guignol, watch out : the police is coming...." (from childhood, the French support any fight against the authority and the Law !). There are other places for Guignol shows : Avenue Marignan down the Champs-Elysées, Luxembourg garden, Georges Brassens garden etc...

  • Near Paris (30 km) :
    • West : Chateau de Thoiry (wildlife park : you drive through animals on the loose, like in Africa!)
    • North : Parc Astérix (a theme park about the famous cartoon character of Asterix, the valiant Gaul : smaller than Disneyland Paris but not bad...) 

Paris for disabled people : Click here for information

 Dogs and Paris    Sports-cafés in Paris
  • Every day, Parisian dogs produce the amazing quantity of 16 tons of dog doo and 650 people a year are taken to an hospital because they slipped on it !
  • There is a special plaincloth brigade of the Paris Police (Brigade de la Civilité!) which follows dog-owners and their doggy to enforce a now-very-strict regulation (fine from 80 to 200+ Euros).
  • Visit a very interesting place in Paris : the dog and cat cemetery, on an island under the Pont de Clichy.
  • For some (probably ancient) reason, the French Poodle is considered typically French. This a stereotype and you won't see as many as you might expect!

WARNING : Do NOT bring dogs to Paris. We already have plenty of them. Our suggestion : if you like dogs, do not bring yours to Paris but, on the contrary, take back as many as you can carry to the U.S.A.. Thank you.

USEFUL TIPS .....Don't laugh, but when walking in Paris, look down, not up. Dog excrement is still one of the city's major problems, with no solution in sight. So until one is found, watch out for your shoes!


 A frequently asked question is "Where can I watch baseball or football games ?". Here are some suggestions :

  • Chesterfield Café 124 rue La Boëtie 75008 tel 01 42 25 18 06
  • Frog and Princess, 9 rue Princesse 75006, tel 01 40 51 77 38
  • Black Bear 161 rue Montmartre 75002 tel 01 40 26 92 00
  • Mustang Café 84 boulevard Montparnasse 75006 tel. 01 43 35 36 12
  • American Dream 21 rue Daunou 75002 tel. 01 42 60 99 89
  • O'Sullivans 1 boulevard Montmartre 75002 tel 01 40 26 73 41
  • The Auld Alliance 80 rue François Miron 75004
  • The Moosehead, 16 rue des Quatre-vents 75006 tel. 01 46 33 77 00
  • More information about English-speaking bars and sports on allomatch
  • If you love rugby, go to the "Rue de la Soif" (Thirsty Lane!) (rue des Canettes/rue Princesse) on the day of a rugby match
  • More to come

More about sports in France

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