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  • jetaimeme neither

With a focus on romantic Paris, writer Lily Heise shares original date ideas, romantic restaurant and bars and other topics for lovers of France
  • Eye Prefer Paris An ex-New Yorker’s insider guide to Paris and France with striking photos taken by webmaster Richard Nahem who lives in an 18th century building in the Marais.
  • Bonjour Paris

The insider's guide to Paris with great tips on everything French from sites to shoes. Where to stay, what to eat, what to see
  • Paris Breakfast Excellent pictures and drawings of current events in France. A picture's worth a thousand words!
  • Sites and monuments A platform with hundreds of videos about Paris, many of them about unknown or little- known sites or aspects (Musée de la Vie Romantique, Musée de Minéralogie de l'Ecole des Mines, Orgues de Notre-Dame de Paris)
  • Cultural life The best of Paris cultural life on one site : unbiased reviews, Paris restaurants, art exhibitions, films, hotels and more
  • Images, Posters and Art Prints
  • French Destination Images : The World's Stock Photography - One Web Site
  • Cuisine Photos : Professional stock photography and clipart at prices you can afford.
  • Images of France : Your Ultimate Source of Web Graphics.
  • France Posters and Wall Artt : WHERE THE SMALL PRINT SIZE IS ALWAYS FREE and is gallery quality!
  •  Linda Thalman Long time Paris resident Linda Thalman's letter to readers, with hundreds of useful tips and links : travel in France, museums, weather, teaching, etc...
  •  Jill Butler  Jill Butler is the author of three French/Paris related books ; she has an interesting website where she displays her artwork and products.
  •  FreeVoice  The website of Paris's favorite free English-language weekly newspaper
  •  Adrian Leeds

LeedsGood Value Guide to Paris Restaurants

  •  Discover great meals for as little as 20 Euros per person which include three courses, wine and coffee. Keep the guide handy while you're in Paris because it will put you directly in the shoes of a taste-seeking American, Adrian Beerman Leeds, who has explored every nook and cranny of Paris just for the pleasure of eating very well for very little money.
  • Learn French, rent/buy an apartment etc.... with Parlerparlor
  •  French Links  Information on Rachel Kaplan's informative books on Little Known Museums in Paris, London and Berlin and her French Links cultural tours. A must for those who think they've done it all!
  •  Discover France  A very comprehensive and educational site on France and the French ; a goldmine on the different regions of France (history, tourism, etc...).
  • WebFrance International  WebFrance International is a Paris-based Web site developer primarily of sites about Paris, France and the French culture and has published a series of electronic "Paris Insider Guides". This site is a comprehensive directory of its clients and guides and provides valuable links to resources for Paris visitors.

 and also :

  • Le Marais is the most Romantic part of Paris : find out every month what's going on in le Marais and get the best deals for your next trip !
  • Photography, artwork, city guide and blog exploring the city of Paris through the eyes of an artist
  • An excellent interactive and fully-searcheable street map of Paris
  • A great site to visit the city's museums
  • The RATP (public transport system) site contains all the information you need about taking the bus, metro, etc... in Paris
  • Rick Erickson has a very interesting WebSite : Metropole Paris
  • Living in France : a very knowledgeable Web site (and magazine), everything is in it !
  • Paris Tourist Office has a very comprehensive site in English.
  • Blvd Europe "The Magazine of European Culture"
  • The official City of Paris website
  • Paris in Sites Newsletter : receive updates on Paris and WebFrance International clients every 3 weeks, by subscribing to the Paris In Sites Newsletter. Use the Web Subscription Form : this is not a discussion list, it simply updates What's New and it is free.
  • Time Out is a very useful magazine and runs a comprehensive WebSite.
  • About Asian communities in Paris
  • For a list of commercial websites (services in Paris), click here.
  • More to come...

Sites on France

French literature today French literature today with a brief description of the most interesting new books. A lot of information on cultural life in Paris in this excellent blog (in French).
My French Life™® Come with us to discover French lifestyle beyond the cliché. There’s so much more to France than meets the eye. Magazine – Community – Events – Experiences
France Discovery Guide

This glossy publication is put out annually by the French Government Tourism Office in New York. It is written by American and English writers, most of whom have lived in France for many years. Harriet is one of them and has had the opportunity for the last 6 years to travel to and to write about the Southwest, Southeast, Rhone-Alps, East and West of France.

New York : Tel. 212-838 7800 ; France On Call Hotline 410-286-8310 If you've never seen the publication, contact the number we've given you to get a copy. But beware: after you read it, you'll want to book a flight to France immediately!


A very useful resource about what you need to know and to do if you consider studying in France.


Parler Parlor : the most popular French/English Conversation Group in Paris at Cetradel Language Center, hosted by Adrian Leeds, Elisabeth Crochard and WebFrance International.

 Americans in France

 An American living in Strasbourg, Jeff Steiner has a very informative site, with many Q&A

 Intercultural differences

 A Frenchman who lived many years in California, Baudry offers seminars on intercultural differences and has a cyberbook with fascinating psycho-analytical views.

 French bashing

 This is a fantastic but quite depressing site with an extensive follow-up of French bashing in the USA, from journalists, politicians, anti-French websites, etc...

 France and French regions

 An excellent magazine published by the French-American Cultural Foundation in Washington D.C.

 and also :


 and don't forget :, and

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Blogs by Americans in Paris (to be developed : give me the address of your blog!)

  • Frenchplanations is an educational French-related website with information on French grammar, French vocabulary, French culture and more created from the point of view of an American who has lived in Paris.
  • Postcards from a Runaway, a blog and a meeting place for fellow travelers created by an American writer, rambler and career nomad living well in France.
  • An eclectic and off-beat blog about life in Paris
 DID YOU KNOW THAT.....the French are the world's most intensive bloggers ? According to the International Herald Tribune July 28, 2006, they spend more time blogging : more than an hour a day (USA : 12 minutes, UK and Germany : less than 5 minutes), with 60% of the population of internet users visiting blogs (USA : 34%, UK : 40%, Germany : 36%). More than 3 million have created a blog. Why ? Maybe because the French, more than others, like to speak about themselves ? Compared with American blogs, "...French blogs are longer, more critical, more negative, more egocentric and more provocative..." . Some observers say that "...blogs have been embraced by ordinary people and this will flip the rigid power pyramid of the French society...."

Sites on food and others
  • A friendly site (with many recipes) for a friendly shop in the Latin Quarter where you can find unusual products (many of which are from Provence) such as Mimosa Jelly (to cook with chicken or fish) or Confit d'Oignon
  • Food at
  • And more to come!

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