Shopping (in English) in Paris (#5)

 This is a list of available services for Americans visiting or living in Paris

 English-language bookstores    Shopping...

 248 rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris

Tel. 33-(0)1 44 77 88 99

Books and newspapers in English, friendly, helpful bilingual staff
 Shakespeare & Company

37 rue de la Bûcherie 75005 Paris

Tel. 33-(0)1 43 26 96 50
A funky, cozy bookstore which has been around, it would seem, forever, in the shadow of the great Notre Dame cathedral. With the spirits of Sylvia Beach, Hemingway, James Joyce, Fitzgerald, Ezra Pound and many others. Read Sylvia Beach's memoirs.
The Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore

9 rue de Medicis 75006 Paris

Tel.01 42 01 81 47


A well-known haven for English-speaking readers and writers
 Bill and Rosa's Book Room

Downstairs at FUSAC, 42 rue du Chemin Vert 92100, Boulogne (metro line 9 to Porte de Saint-Cloud, busses 22, 42, 62, 72.

Open Wednesday and Thursday 13 to 18h.

 A friendly and innovative bookstore to buy, sell or borrow a used books, attend an event, meet an author, in the friendly environment of FUSAC, the magazine of the English-speaking community in Paris, famous for its tips to visitors to Paris and its numerous and usefuls ads for housing, jobs etc.
 San Francisco Book Co

 17 Rue Monsieur le Prince 75006 Paris

Tel.33-(0)1 43 29 15 70

 A very good American & English second-hand bookstore

 Galeries Lafayette

 40 boulevard Hausmann 75009 Paris

Tel.33-(0)1 42 82 34 56
 THE Paris Department store ! Packs and sends your purchases for a reasonable charge !
 Au Bon Marché  22 rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris This left bank department store was the first in Paris. It has been entirely remodeled and is "très chic". Don't miss the "épicerie" for a palpitating visit through the world of French food and food from many other countries.
 Au Printemps  64, Blvd. Haussmann, 75009 Paris Right next to the Galeries Lafayette, the Printemps has undergone extensive remodeling. Brand name fashion.
Read :

  • Shopping in Paris
  • Stories on travel, beauty, shopping, food and wine and more from France to the Rocky Mountains... and "The Riches of Paris" and "The Riches of France" by Maribeth Clemente, St. Martin's Press, New York are ideal for intelligent shopping !
  • Suzy GERSHMAN, Born to Shop- Paris, Frommer's, IDG Books, Foster City CA
  • Rachel KAPLAN, The Insider's Guide to French Chic
  • More to come.....

Click here for specific shopping areas (antiques, gifts, music, etc...)

 And also :

  • Galigliani's, 224 rue de Rivoli 75001 Tel 33-(0)1 42 60 76 07
  • Reelbooks 14 rue de la Corne 77300 Fontainebleau Tel. 33-(0)1 64 22 85 85 (English bookstore and video club near the wonderful castle)
  • Abbey Bookstore, 29 rue de la Parcheminerie 75005 Paris Tel. 33-(0)1 46 33 16 24 (Canadian bookstore)
  • Brentano's bookstore, avenue de l'Opera, a major American landmark in Paris, went out of business in July 2009, a victim of the ridiculous increase of rents in Paris ....
  • More to come...

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DID YOU KNOW THAT....? More than 100,000 copies of French Toast, published by St Martin's Press, have been sold to date! You can find it in all major Paris bookstores ! Read also French Fried, about the French and their food, French Toast adapted in French , also Joie de Vivre, about the French and life and discover her most recent book, a novel, Final Transgression.

Books by Harriet Welty Rochefort 


Hairdressers in France

  • Some national chains give good service : Jean-Louis David, Dessange, Biguine, Carita. For an English-speaking salon, try Judith Sutherland, 56 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau 75001 (near Louvre)
  • The price is in the Euro 25 to 40 range for wash+blow dry. They are usually listed in the window. Do not forget to tip (Euro 5 minimum).
  • Learn a few words : coupe (cut), frange (bangs), effilé (razor-cut), brushing (blow dry), teinte (color), permanente (permanent), shampoing (wash), teindre les racines (root touchup), etc.
  • Pros and cons : generally stylish and good service (but smoking is largely tolerated)
  • If you want to save money, use one of the hairdressing schools.
  • More to come

    USEFUL TIPS... More and more French people speak English but do not think that it is normal for them to be addressed in English, which is not their language ! They will appreciate your efforts to say a few words in French before you switch to English. Learn how to say : "Sorry : I do not speak French" which is "Excusez-moi: Je ne parle pas Français". Paradoxically, though, you may try out your French only to be answered in English! Don't give up!

  •    English-speaking services...
     American Express

     26 avenue de l'Opéra 75001 Paris

    33-(0)1 53 29 40 39
    For your mail and money needs
     SPRINT  Michelle Smires A non-profit organization for children with special needs
     Western Union   4 rue du Cloitre Notre Dame 75004 Tel. (0)1 43 54 46 12 Immediate money transfer
     Poste Centrale  52 rue du Louvre 75001 Central Post Office Open 24 h/day, 7 days/week
     Jill Bourdais

     Tel. 33-1 43 54 79 25

    A highly-respected psychotherapist practicing in Paris both privately and in a hospital setting
     Francis Pudlowski

     33-1 45 00 85 55

    50 rue Copernic 75116 Paris

    French lawyer experienced in US tax/legal issues
     Simply Speaking


    A group of Paris-based English speaking Clinical Psychologists and Psychotherapists

     And also ...

    • Minding Manners : life skills course for English speaking children, teens and young adults
    • The Irish Eyes is a free Irish magazine published in Paris, with interesting information and comments about life in Paris (you can find it in the same places you find FUSAC and FreeVoice)
    • Home -sick ? Click here for "just-like-home places" in Paris!
    • Jeff Steiner has a very informative site Americans-in-France
    • English or American-owned restaurants and bars in Paris include : le Juvenile's, 47 Rue Richelieu 75001 tel 01 42 97 46 49 (Tim Johnston, Scottish), Maceo 15 rue des Petits Champs 75001 tel 01 42 97 53 85 & Willi's 13 rue des Petits Champs 75001 tel 01 42 61 05 09 (Tim Williamson, English), Le Timbre 3 rue Sainte-Beuve 75006 tel 01 45 49 10 40 (Chris Wright, English)
    • And more to come...

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    • "French Toast, An American in Paris Celebrates The Maddening Mysteries of the French", St.Martin's Press, New York, 1999
    • "French Fried, The Culinary Capers of An American in Paris", St.Martin's Press, New York, 2001

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